ekta nishchidro porikolpona korechilam jano. tomay niye. tomar thekey shoto koti alokborsho durey dariye theke ami ekdin kolpona korechilam onek durer ekta akash er. Aamar majheyi sei ghushghushey jworta hoy. gham diye jwor chere jaay protyekbaar tomake khujey payi ami oi non alignment er modhye. ami ki bhul bokchi? hoyto ba….purbo porikolpito kichu likhchi na. shudhu koyekta obantor obastob stob-stuti paath. tomake niyei likhbo bhebe shuru korechilam. modhyo ratrey jokhon oi joghonyo bangla software ta khultey iche korche na.. narachara korchi ekta por ekta tomar ostwittyo ke….shune jachi eker por ek. tokhon, thik tokhon tomake khub kach theke chNutey pari jano. ke jeno ekta bolto tar nongra ghorey ishwar ke dekhtey paren tomar modhye. sukh dukkher golpo koren. ami take onukoron korchi? na tomake khola chithi likhchi? onukoron bhabley bhabun..boye geche….nijer sathe khub kacher koyekta muhurter alapcharitay jokhon tumi bar bar lukochuri khelcho, thik tokhon….sei muhurtey ekta sompurno obastob, ajgubi lekha….blogger.com er patay jetay publish button ta click hoye goto got kore sobar somukhyey eshey poreche bhabley porey tomar lojja hobe..serokom ekta chithi likhtey iche korlo..eta adou chithi na ekjon jworo rugir bikaar? ke jane……onek kichu bolar chilo….boltey aprlam ki guchiye…na mone hoy. ekjon bolechilen, ki jeno naam, khub  bhalo dharabhashyokar chilen…bolten “gangajal chara gangapujo osombhob….” tomake niye kono alochonateyi bolechilen bodhhoy…..shotti to….tobe ajke byatikrom… tomar jonno shudhu anjan dutta. karon tumi na thakley shotti amar ei bilaap bikaar, purnochondro abeg..sobeteyi iti.

punoshcho: tomay niye thakurpujo hoche. ekta khub sonoskriti monoshko bangla channel tomay niye aajkal biggapon o diche “thakur tumi kar?”

Was he omniscient by any chance?

“Tumi ki keboli chobi, shudhu pot ey lekha……
noyoney somukhey tumi nai, noyonero majhkhane niyehco je thaayi……..”

This is a very random query that I have. I am overburdened with the pressure of impending mid semester exams and those dreadful project submission deadlines. My only resort during these times is invariably “Dadu”. No alternatives per se. But this one really intrigued me. I was relistening to the quoted song after quite a long time. In fact I cannot recollect when did I listen to this before, but obviously was familiar with “noyon somukhey” line. But now that I took a liking for the song and replayed it quite sometime it reaffirmed my belief that Tagore was a visionary. Come on! he died in 1941 and the CERN people also could not think of coming up with the internet that fast. I mean this song suits those dime a dozen virtual relationships we strike up so aptly. Not the dozen but those few ones where you wished the transatlantic ridges appeared lesser and lesser. Also, if the oscillating time zones did not exist. Come on! all of us did fall for that virtual stranger who knew about you more than he/she should. It’s a kind of syndrome. Many of those calculative souls fall for it. Nothing wrong in it actually. When the reality appears to be so vague, you seek refuse in everything virtual. and you do it knowingly. You know it won’t work out. Your aspirations- personal and professional doesn’t match. Still you want it to work out. If the other nips the possibilities of anything further happening (read kills the possibility of getting hurt bigtime in the future) you tend to get hurt. and then you take refuge to Tagore.

So did he know about virtual reality? Or to be precise could he imagine such a scenario? or did he fall for anyone like that? We all know about Victoria Ocampo and also the fact that they could not meet for the second time. Was it written for her? or for somebody else. I don’t know about the time it was written. But the longing of a long distance love story seems evident. Anybody knowing please do enlighten on that and my primary query, “did he actually know about the future?- the virtual reality?”.