Short Stories

This page is a quick and one stop gateway to read all the short stories that I have written on my blog, in both English and Bengali, since 2009. I hope to keep on adding a lot more to the list in the coming days. Happy Reading 😀

Please click on the names of the stories to read the full text 😀

Stories written in English:

Memory Closet




Durga and Uma – 2 stories, 2 faces

A few “Happy New Years”

To say or not to say is the question!

A few springs in between….

Letter from a forgotten land

Being Together

Blossoms of the winter sun


Has the love been arranged in this marriage?

Just a click away

Stories written in Bengali:

অন্য রকম কথোপকথন

টুকরো ছবি

একটি অপরিনত গল্প

হিসেব নিকেশ

পিএনপিসি- পর্ব ১

পিএনপিসি- পর্ব ২

পিএনপিসি- পর্ব ৩

Ekti na howa Kothopokothon (a Bengali story written in English fonts)


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