Closer to heart

They often say that a picture speaks a thousand stories. Some of the images below are a part of my story. They are not necessarily clicked by me, but they have been a part of me that I hold close to my heart.

P.S. Some of the images are sourced from Internet and I do not intend to violate anybody’s copyright. In case of a dispute, please feel free to contact me so that I can do the needful. Also, the internet links of the image sources are provided in the description.

The Calcutta I never knew.

From: Here

City of Change. The Calcutta i grew up in is lost somewhere in between.
City of Change. The Calcutta I grew up in is lost somewhere in between.

From: Here


From: Here


Chello Kabab

From: Here


From: Here


From: Here

Charu and her kin

From: Here

The Rockstar!

From: Here

My old Blogspot blog, the contents of which have been transferred here, but the memories, the confidence that it provided me and that little space of my own on the internet will always remain special. You can visit my old blog here.

And Baba, Ma, Tups (my sister), the husband man and many things more……………………………………

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