Who am I?

‘Bongololona’ with a tangy twist 😉

Yes, that sums it up perfectly! But for the mundane – I am Paushali De Roy, an occasional lawyer, mostly an armchair thinker/critic, traveller with a touristic sense and yet quite a home bird. I end up reading anything- good, bad and the ugly. I feel that reading is an extremely intrinsic part of my everyday survival. Apart from that, I also have the uncanny habit of thinking about “phuchka” and “ilish” while enjoying the finest of red wine and vice versa. Food is one thing that is always on my mind. I am also an accidental cook who ended up loving the ways of concocting different stories on the oven. I also count Calcutta, kitsch, black and white photographs and every thing pop culture among my interests. I write in both English and Bangla.

I am also the kind who gets excited about anything related to weddings in general, Robi Thakur, Bengali language and literature, Bollywood, Shahrukh Khan, Yash Chopra movies, Fairy tales and ghoti-bangal duels. Chiffon sarees and pearls, tangail, taant, silk, Batik, Zari border saree, Banarasi saree, Chanderi, silver ornaments, junk bought across the street in Gariahat, New Market or Janpath, traditional Bengali heavy gold ornaments, family heirlooms consisting of an album full of photographs and my grandmother’s wedding saree, latest designer dresses in stores, mint fresh dresses on my favourite online shopping website, cherished make up products, perfumes and Diamonds excite me much, but not as much as the possibility of  embarking on a journey full of surprises and everything new.

Being  married to a man who loves talking about everything nice and heavy duty like foreign policy, politics in general, technology, football and stuff, does not deter me from taking active interest in the Bong man and woman’s favourite pastime- PNPC!

Oh! did I tell you that I may be living across any where in the world on a given date, but, in my mind, I always stay in Calcutta, the only place I prefer calling home .

I am open to all kinds of feedback/comments on my writing, this blog and my opinions. Please feel free to reach me at – paushali.de@gmail.com (paushali.de[at]gmail.com). You can also visit my old blog here.



 (December 2013, Spain)


9 thoughts on “Who am I?

  1. Aare ..tomar songe toh dekhchhi hebby meel aamar..ilish,fuchka,ghoTi-bangal, redwine ..( add whiskey for me too.. 😛 ) Gariahat , junk jewellery..endless list… :-D.. kakhono Kolkata ele mail koro..we can have a chat over coffee.. 🙂 ..


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