The ones I love to read

Greatbong – The baap of everything pop culture. Also, one one of the first blogs that I started reading.

Kuntala – She writes about everyday things and in a language that I love. Her ‘abantor prolaap’ is something I look forward to.

Diptakirti –  “Books, films, food, music. Things I like to read myself. And a little bit of Calcutta.” – That’s what he describes his blog to be about. Precisely!

Parama – If you are looking to read someone who makes you fall in love with her, she is the person. I have not read  somebody who writes so effortlessly and her interpretation makes mundane things around you appear to be, as she herself rightly descries, “all things bright and beautiful”.

Tanmay/Bongpen – The bengali guy who knows his mutton kosha. Enough said! If you can read Bengali, do visit his blog to get a hang of the Bengali life, albeit with a taste of satire and sarcasm that will blow your mind.

Kotha to bolar jonyoi – A blog in the format of an e-zine. Please visit for rediscovering talents who may be everything else nowadays, but could have been excellent mind readers/authors also. ‘Could have been’ is a negative term, I think ‘can also probably be’ is a much more appropriate word.

Runjhun – Chotimata is my best friend since college and she is also an excellent “paravachan ke bhandar”. Jokes apart, if there is humour left in Indian blogosphere, she is definitely one of the flag bearers. Also, she is an adopted Bong 😛

Debosmita – She could have been my regular law school senior, but the twist in the tale is that I am yet to meet her. She writes about things close to my heart and more.

Avik – Visit his blog for something wacky!

Abhishek – Ok! did I say that Bengalis write good stuff? Do not believe me? please visit his blog.

Gyanban – One of the first bloggers I started reading. Wonder why he blogs so less these days.

Swayambhu – Ditto! Also, that he is a fellow law school-ite (from a rival law school).

Bong Mom – One stop solution for all the queries that I have related to cooking, Bengali cooking in general. Also, she has a wonderful take on life in general. I wish I could write like people like her..the simplicity is adorable.

Indira – For everything Bengali!




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