Have you ever been in love?

So how do you fall in love? How did ‘you’ fall in love?

Drop in a line…in case anybody reads it. whether fulfilled or not…love is all about being happy and just like being bong (wink!) it’s a state of mind too!
My friends are fighting over arranged love v/s proper love shove over a story I wrote long back, on my facebook profile. Come to think of it, I never thought about it anyways. Shobhaa De’ once famously advocated arranged marriages (Yes! I read her books too! you are free to judge me though) in her book ‘Spouse’. So am not completely averse to the idea. The binding factor just needs to be that feeling. Feeling ‘out of the world’. And it might just be for the new pair of shoes you bought for yourself, freshly painted rooms, phuchka, Dev in Le Chakka/Premer Kahini, or just the classic Soumitra singing “Hoyto tomaari jonyo..hoyehci premey je bonyo/ jani tumi ononyo…ashar haat barayi….”
Has it ever happened to you?

4 thoughts on “Have you ever been in love?

  1. It happens with a flash… And truly speeking i faced that flash. But the baclog with me was..i was not in her checklist. So she remains in passward..
    BTW, good writings.. keep it up.


  2. check out my blog precisely the post “They call her love” .Your right love is simply a state of mind .Thats about my love story and I don't I will ever a more interesting tale .


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