Forgotten treasures from Bengal – Ghum Parani Mashi Pishi

A beautiful childhood is often not found in expensive toys but the love and affection of grandparents and their very simple ways of introducing a child to their roots lest they be forgotten with the perils of time. Nalok had a lovely time last month where he was pampered by his ‘Pishiamma’, my husband’s paternal aunt or Pishi, and one of his grandmothers (we are Indians, we have many grandmothers) and this was one of the choras/songs that she recited for his naptime. “Ghumparanimashi pishi” is a very popular Bengali lullaby children, but I had never heard this version, nor about the places or types of rice and khoi (puffed rice) versions mentioned here. I decided to put them in my social media repository (my blog/FB/Instagram) of the same, before these are completely forgotten.

ঘুমপাড়ানি মাসিপিসি আমাদের বাড়ি এসো,

খাট নেই, পালঙ্ক নেই, নালকের চোখে বোসো,

মাছ কুটলে মুড়ো দেবো, ধান ভাঙলে কুঁড়ো দেবো,

কালো গরুর দুধ দেবো, দুধ খাওয়ার বাটি দেবো,

সোনার থালায় ভাত দেবো,

উড়কি ধানের মুড়কি দেবো, শালী ধানের খই,

মোটা, মোটা সবরি কলা, কাগমারীর দই|

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