Munch on!

1. I love the way he makes early morning tea for me. The perfect blend. The wonderful warmth 🙂
2. I have again fallen in love with cooking. The random aloo pneyajkoli bhaja that I try to fry for him in the nonstick kadhai before he leaves for office and I sit with my work in front of the laptop, gives me a high. 
3. I realised I have got too many expensive saris for my wedding. Saris I do not know when to wear. And that gives me more reason to shop and get a new pair of jeggings. 
4.Oh! that reminds I am yet to wear almost two new dresses that he got for me from Amreeka. And the brand new Tarun Tahiliani exclusive evening wear that I got as a part of my wedding trousseau from my shashuri ma 🙂
5. I am so bad at housekeeping…am yet to put things in proper order in mine and deep’s new pad.
6. Tasted Litti for the first time with amazing chokha while we visited Jamshedpur, my hubby deearest’s home, this weekend. Being the ‘notun bou’ I was pampered silly with all my favourite delicacies being cooked in one single weekend and awesome neighbours sending in sheetkaler peethey payesh. Truly speaking I am the proverbial city girl who can’t sleep through if she doesn’t get the hint of honking horns outside in the street (it’s a different story altogether that my house and the location as such in Calcutta has gifted me many a envious glances- the ones I enjoyed to the hilt) – but I will agree with the fact that small towns have a charm of their own. Got to see his school, heard stories of adulation that he earned while he went to IIT. Obviously! I was a very proud wife then. Laughed my heart out while hearing stories of his idiosyncrancies. Each incident (and each day!) makes me realise that I have truly married a geek.
7. Finished a new Suchitra Bhattacharya book while on my way back from Jamshedpur to Calcutta. It was really chilly out there….but my shourbari’s garden was beaming with freshly bloomed Dahlias and flowers I was not even aware of. My shashuri ma had packed a bunch of bananas from the garden’s tree and I quite stupidly asked her whether thor (the vegetable) grew from a banana tree 😛 (blame my city habits)

8.A friend recently asked- “So has anything changed after marriage?”

My answer to that will always remain an emphatic YES! The wedding and the cacophony of Anandabazar reporting almost ‘Londonesque’ weather in Calcutta, I realize that I refuse to come out of that ‘just married’ state. And that is going to continue for a long, long time 😛 But yes, equations do change. Earlier my mom used to pester me whether I would be able to cook or make one single cup of tea for my hero hiralal after marriage…now she is the one who tells me not to work so hard 😛
Jokes apart, Marriage (though I am no Baba or counsellor to say that) is a boon. It makes you aware, responsible and all that comes wrapped in the flavour of nolen gurer sondesh. Beat that!

7 thoughts on “Munch on!

  1. @abar ashibo fire, point noted 🙂 and keep the barbs coming. helps a lot. btw, twitter is kind of blogging only- microblogging 😛
    @biswajoy, thank you bubai 🙂 @soumali, thank you mimi 🙂 @amru, thank you amru 🙂
    @eesha, even I cant find you on fb anymore. send me a friend request na 🙂


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