Things to do.

1. House hunt now that I have got my posting.
2. Shop around for my new house. Will have to look for that perfect curtains and cushions for my room. Have to look for a room mate. Have to buy new utensils and stuff. Argh! why does college have to end.
3. But at the brighter side am already planning to buy that big wall to wall shelf for keeping my books. No more shipping in and out of Calcutta since I am presuming that I will have more space than my hostel room.
4. Have to come to terms with the fact that the five years in NALSAR is almost over. One half of this semester is over. The batch of 2011 is left with only one more semester before we graduate. Time flies like anything. Final year of law school brings back memories of good, bad and not so bad moments I spent here. The NALSAR years changed me for the better. Transformed me to say the least.
5. Now that I will be employed soon, I have to start planning for the gifts I need to buy for my near and dear ones.
6. Before everything else, have to study for my impending mid semester exams.
7. Have to plan out job treats. Now that everyone is landing up jobs, we need to space out the eating out calendar. God! we can hog like anything.
8. Have to start eating in the mess again. I end up cooking something or the other every day. Innovations you know 😛
9. Last but not the least, have to sound sugary sweet to everyone calling up with those congratulatory messages. Have been doing that for the past two weeks. The very same people who taunted me when I “decided” not to study science after tenth, the ones who tagged me “a bad student” inspite of my Nava Nalanda-South Point-JU (a while)- NALSAR lineage. Their case in hand? That am studying Law. And what were they doing? studying engineering with a 10,000 rank in WBJEE in some private engineering college (yes, they dared to compare that with NALSAR).
Frankly speaking nothing gives one bigger and better pleasure than showing the “kuor byangs” (sorry can’t translate that) their place. They can count on the multiples in monetary terms and the niche, stiff upper lip, snobbish brand value too. am not boasting, neither do I intend to. But for five years I have taken the crap and now I earned this for myself. At least I did not shout from the rooftops that I am the best and others are crap. Be secure and safe about your position dudes and dudettes (sarcasm intended). “Best” people don’t need to do that you know. At least I will be doing something I learnt in Law school and is truly interested in. You are doing some thing with codes and stuff right? Err..remind me what did you study in those 4 years of engineering?? 😛
The last one got long. But couldn’t resist myself from expressing my sadistic pleasure when I see or hear these people’s voices on phone now. Bechara :P. Here’s wishing more becharapan to you. and oh! yes keep badmouthing me. Gives me extra kicks to perform hard and do better and write such posts.

15 thoughts on “Things to do.

  1. Have fun!!! Things just seem to grow beyond your limits sometimes especially when you are close to graduating with the degree you wanted the most, but life never puts you in a situation you cannot control at all.


  2. “got my posting” as in I got to know the place. Besides, I will start work in..umm may be sometime less than a year. I am still in college you know, yet to finish my course and laze around :D. Don't take away that joy from me so easily


  3. I like the 9th point. I heard similar comments when I chose economics over science in Plus-2 and the shock in guise of congratulatory messages when I got into an elite social sciences institute and the close to heart-attack feelings when I wasn't jobless even in the year of recession, were something worth a watch!!! 😉

    I want to follow your blog but can't immediately, Since then, I'd be the 38th follower and the number is unlucky for me. So, send your Meghpeon with a msg when that number is crossed. 😀


  4. woah! this is something new! numerology on my blog? eh! this gets interesting by the day 😛
    and about the 9 th point…well, now it stands like “pagoley kina boley and chagoley kina khay” :P. am just waiting for them to come up with some new innovative stuff but surprisingly, they have been on the overdrive of being sweet and silent. Happens I suppose.


  5. haha!
    i chose pure science over engg.
    i actually wrote poems in my JEE entrance paper so that it gets canceled and my dad won't get me admission in an engg college.

    but there are a lucky few who study engg like its supposed to be and then get ridiculously good jobs. 😛


  6. More than luck, it's about passion. In case you are passionate about science and research, pursue that….same goes for engineering….the blue blooded ones go to IITs, NITs, JU and other reputed institutions. But what to do with the lowly (in every sense of the term) software engineer manufacturing ltd.? I know people from my school who did not even know basics of maths studying engineering from nondescript colleges!


  7. Haha. I do plan on research someday. But right now i just need to pass out and earn loads of money 😀
    the ones i was talking about are nit/ju public only. Except for the odd one or two.
    So in which field will you be working? Corporate law or criminal law?


  8. Haha. I do plan on research someday. But right now i just need to pass out and earn loads of money 😀
    the ones i was talking about are nit/ju public only. Except for the odd one or two.
    So in which field will you be working? Corporate law or criminal law?


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