Moments, places, people.

Photographs amaze me like anything. Each one of them tells a story of their own. Of a distant time, when the world was a different place to live in. Good, bad, better! that’s up for debate. But like letters, photographs make me feel good. I love reading old letters. And i love glancing through photographs. I have this random collection of photographs- some taken by unknown geniuses across the world, some by famous ones on my laptop. Most of them relate to a few of my favourite people….people I wonder about. People like Gayatri Devi, whose beauty still remains an enigma to me. I thought of sharing them with everyone around. And of course! I collect photographs of Calcutta…The old chowringhee…so in case there is a overdose, please don’t complain.

P.S. None of the photographs are taken by me. And no copyright infringement is intended. I will wholeheartedly give credit to the people who took them in case they come forward or if they ask me to take them off. I found them while doing random internet searches while in moods with patch of blue hovering around. So in case you have a problem. Please let me know 🙂 I will be more than happy to oblige.

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